United States National Industrial Real Estate Report - ICG CRE

National Industrial Real Estate Report Q2 2023

National Industrial Real Estate Statistics & Highlights – Q2 2023 We’ve broken the national industrial real estate market summary into 4 main categories: market inventory, market construction, market rent, and market vacancy & net absorption nationwide. First, let’s take a quick look…

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Chicago Industrial Real Estate Summary - ICG CRE Industrial Real Estate

Chicago Industrial Real Estate Market Summary Q2 2023

Before we dive into specific statistics for the Chicago industrial real estate market in Q2 2023, we want to highlight an important statistic that investors keep an eye on, the market cap rate, which currently sits at 7.7% in Chicago…

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Industrial Real Estate News - ICG CRE Chicago Commercial Real Estate

Industrial Real Estate News Update Q2 2023

We’ve pulled the latest highlights and biggest headlines for industrial real estate news across the country. This quarter there are many news items for the recent development projects around the nation, and various trends based on the demand of space…

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Reasons to Invest in Industrial Real Estate - ICG CRE

5 Reasons to Invest in Industrial Real Estate

In the world of real estate investment, there is one sector that stands out for its potential, reliability, and stability: Industrial real estate. Due to being a catalyst for growth and the backbone of economies, an industrial real estate investment…

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Industrial Real Estate 101 - ICG CRE Chicago

Industrial Real Estate 101: 6 Questions and Answers About the CRE Sector

Real estate is booming, and the public is raising many questions about CRE and the industrial sector. It has contributed significantly in the current global economy. It is part of the supply chain evolving around logistics, distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing….

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What Goes Into the Valuation of an Industrial Property - ICG CRE

5 Questions (and Answers) About What Goes Into the Valuation of an Industrial Property

Valuing an industrial property is not an easy feat. Industrial real estate and the different assets within this sector of commercial real estate require a deep understanding of the local market, the particular characteristics of the property / assets, and…

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